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New Patients:

Schedule a consultation with our nurse practitioner, Melanie Frye by clicking on the Scheduling button above, or by calling 281-990-1696.

Melanie will take a full past medical history and then give you a chance to tell her about what concerns you have or treatments you are interested in.

Melanie will then assess and diagnose you and recommend a treatment plan.

Treatment recommendations are different for everyone, and you will be the guide as to which services to begin with!

After your consultation, you may choose to have a service done. Certain treatments may be able to be done on the same day, and other procedures will need to be scheduled at a different date/time.

Established Patients:

If you are an established patient (meaning you have seen Melanie before), you can easily schedule aesthetic services as needed in our office.


Utilization of the the online booking platform is recommended. All calls and messages will be checked at the end of the business day, and return calls are made within 24h.

Credit Cards are required to hold the appointment. Late cancellations/ no shows will result in a $50 fee that will automatically be charged to your card. Please review the appointment policy prior to booking.

All services provided in our treatment are medical procedures, and not everyone will be a candidate for all of our treatments. A complete medical history is required prior to treatment and treatment is not guaranteed. First Time Consultations may not leave time to have certain treatment performed at the same visit, so please plan accordingly.

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